In late 2019, I left RE/MAX Ultimate Professionals to join the amazing Marketing team at CD One Price Cleaners. CD One is a chain Dry-Cleaners in the Chicagoland, Minneapolis, St. Louis area. With 36 locations, I was tasked with creating content & design for their social media. Content includes: Images, videos, & photo-shoots for their Pickup & Delivery brand.
I designed advertising, retail signage, paid ads, & internal documents for CD One. I was also tasked with creating Press Releases and reaching out to various media outlets in our immediate area. 
I was laid off in April 2020 due to COVID-19.

(2019-2020) Social Media Posts

(2020) Contest Email

(2020) Print. Money Mailer.

(2020) King, Queen, Tail Ads for CTA & Pace Buses.

(2020) Print. Blanket & Comforter Coupon